LED grow lights for flowers

posted on 05 May 2014 09:03 by tilibeibei
Deciding on the right kind of LED grow lights is really critical for every consumers because each light is used for special plants and flowers, so based on the plant that the individual wants to nurture, he should go for the correct light for his use. Firstly, every grower must be familiar with the low quality lights from the excellent lights. The lesser quality can yield such medium heat as to allow the seedlings to grow only and not the whole plant. Then you ought to be conscious of the light color you want to get for your plants. Commonly people believe white and green color lights to be crucial for the growth of the plants, but this is a very incorrect belief since green light is always reflected by the plants because of the green chlorophyll and white light does not radiate an adequate amount of energy to facilitate the plant to make its food. The best colors for the proper growth of every plant are blue and red.

These colors assist the most in photosynthesis. Other colors of led grow lights are helpful for plants but they unaccompanied can not give enough energy plus heat to aid in photosynthesis. Other color lights need to be in combination of 2 to 3 colors to make the procedure happen correctly. If anybody is trying to produce herbs and vegetables only, then he ought to use blue LED's only, because these transfer strength to the roots in addition to the stems to grow healthy. The leafs also need more energy from blue light in contrast to other colored lights for the reason that blue light helps to combat diseases, so it keeps the plant healthy to grow more quickly.

The red LED grow lights are used mostly for growing fruits and flowers at the greatest pace but with all the health required by the plants. The red color, being similar to autumn season, alerts to the plants to produce seeds in the form of flowers and fruits. This color is very effective for the growing of fruit plants since the red color gives out the most energy and heat to help the plant grow strong.The combination of these color lights is also useful for the growth of plants but not to that extent that every plant will definitely need a double spectrum or a tri-band spectrum. These combinations are only made to bring variety and create a range of color lights in use. The most frequent is the mixture of red, blue and orange light, which is used for every plant.

A variety of other combinations like that of red, white and pink, or of blue, white and yellow are also advantageous for fruits and flowers or herbs and vegetable in that order. The LED grow lights are available in varying sizes in respect to the quantity of plants required to be grown. The size of these lights go from 3mm to 10mm, with the lesser ones used for a small yield of plants, while the larger light for the bigger yield. But one ought to always keep in mind to never use the bigger size of light for a smaller bundle to make the plants grow rapidly, as it will only hurt the plants and flowers.

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